Stainless Steel and Aluminum Wall Base Moldings: Metal Base Moldings feature heavy duty solid metal construction. Can also be installed onto curved walls - bendable down to 12” radius by omitting the kick. We make many size, color, and finish options to suit any decor.  

Metals:  Stainless Steel (22 GA, 16 GA), Brushed Aluminum (18 GA), Aluminum Diamond Plate (17 GA, 14 GA) Galvanized Steel.
Standard Heights:  2", 4", 4.75", 6", Custom Sizes.  Standard Lengths:  4', 8', and 10' lengths as well as custom sizes.  
Available in Straight or with Cove Bend. Uses for residential homes, commercial buildings, offices, restaurants, commercial spaces and more.

Contact our sales staff for pricing discounts on commercial jobs.  Architect and Wholesale Samples.  Made in USA!  General Manufacture Lead Time:  10-14 Days.  *Note:  This product is produced at time of order and is non-returnable.